Danny Blackgoat
Danny Blackgoat is a linguist, Diné (Navaho) language educator, community organizer, and a life-long resister of forced relocation and member of the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth. Since 1974, federal relocation policy has forced 14,000 Diné (Navaho) people from their ancestral homeland in Arizona. This genocidal policy was crafted by government agents and energy company representatives in order to gain access to the mineral resources of Black Mesa - billions of tons of coal, uranium and natural gas. For over 30 years, traditional Diné at Black Mesa have lived in resistance, steadfastly refusing to relocate as strip-mines rip apart their sacred lands and power generation plants poison the

Yvonne Vizina

desert air. Danny's mother and auntie, the late Roberta Blackgoat and her sister Pauline Whitesinger, were renown resisters, and activists who lived their lives protecting their ancestral lands. He continues in their footsteps to remain on their land and works with youth to remain rooted in their Dine culture and way of being. Danny was a member of the Transcontinental Indigenous Delegation that engaged with thousands of international delegates at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions, last October in Salt Lake City. Traditional Circle of Indian Elders & Youth www.twocircles.org