Yvonne Vizina

Alberta Iron Cloud Miller
Lakota-Crow, Porcupine, South Dakota

Alberta is an educator and lifelong advocate for children, families and Native American communities. With her education and experience, she utilizes a cultural approach for the improvement of community health and wellness to create safety for children and families. Her statement:

"With my past experience as a Tribal Court Judge and Prosecutor I provide advocacy for

those incarcerated in the Adult Offenders Facility on the Pine Ridge Reservation who cannot afford an attorney or a Tribal advocate. The majority are indigent and many struggle with addictions.

All I ask of the defendants when they are released is to "pay it forward" and ask them to do a good deed for others and to refocus on their own lives. I share that we need strong men and women to help our people survive and stress that the real enemies of our people come in the form of drugs and alcohol. I encourage them to study for the GED exam, engage in community service, and above all, pray for themselves and remain clean and sober."

Jim Miller
Lakota-Dakota, Porcupine, South Dakota

In 2005 Jim Miller dreamed about a horse ride from the Missouri River to a location where a group of men were being hung in a mass execution. Later he learned about the largest mass execution in the US of 38 Dakota men in 1862. The message was to pray and bring spiritual offerings to the hanging site and pray for peace, healing and reconciliation. The Dakota 38+2 Ride will begin the 13th year on December 10, 2017.

Alberta and Jim, along with a logistical team, continue to provide support with planning, coordination and educational presentations to universities, churches, tribal communities and in the prison systems. The history books do not include the facts of Minnesota's deepest, darkest secret. http://www.smoothfeather.com/dakota38/

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